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Can't decide which tea to try? Try a sample bundle of 3 teas of your choice or a bundle of all 13 blends.

~~ Tea Flavors~~

~Blossoming Tranquility~
Relax and unwind with a cup of my blossoming tranquility tea. Not only is it beautifully colorful, it's perfect to help with mediation or to get restful sleep. This is a soothing tea with light floral notes.
(Chamomile, lavender, calendula, nettles, rose hips, valerian, St John's Wort, elderflower, cornflower)

~ Deep Forest Healing~
Deep forest healing is an earthy, subtly spicy blend that promotes deep healing and well-being. This blend is full of the most nutritious herbs that pack a powerful immune boosting punch.
(Astragalus root, moringa, holy basil, echinacea, angelica, ginger, cinnamon)

~ The Lucid Dreamer~
Do you want vivid and prophetic dreams? The lucid dreamer tea is designed for just that! This blend is curated to help relax the mind and the body; open the third eye and stir visions.
(Peppermint, mugwort, rosemary, calendula, chamomile, valerian, cornflower)

~ Solar Plexus~
My solar plexus tea helps stimulate the solar plexus chakra and brings digestive healing. This is a great tea to turn to if you have an upset stomach. The solar plexus is the navel chakra and our personal power energy center. It's color is yellow and is associated with our willpower and happiness.
(Calendula, dandelion leaf, dandelion root, lemongrass, catnip, rosemary, angelica, ginger)

~ Aphrodite ~
Everyone could always use a little more love in their lives. This blend is great for self love or trying to draw in more love from the universe. It's wonderfully fruity and floral and sure to lift your spirits!
(Damiana, hibiscus petals, rose petals, rose hips, rosemary, lavender, cornflower)

~ Lunar Blend~
My lunar blend tea sings praise to the moon. The moon governs water and emotions. Like this blend, it's mysterious and dreamy.
(Passionflower, sage, chamomile, white willow bark, lavender, mugwort, rosemary)

~ PMS Rescue~
Cramps, bloating, discomfort. It's a problem women have to deal with every month. I designed my PMS rescue tea to help sooth the ailments that often accompany our menstruation cycle.
(Crampbark, valerian, St John's Wort, chamomile, black cohose, dandelion leaf, dandelion root)

~Ancient Remedy~

This sweet and fruity blend is a super immune booster! It contains some of the oldest used herbs and berries for healing.

(Elderberry, elderflower, rosehip, echinacea)

~Monica's Migraine~

A headache relief blend that's great for any type of headache or migraine. 

(White willow bark, angelica root, peppermint, vervain, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, ginger)

~Harvest Moon~

An Autumn blend. Warm, spicy, comforting, and perfect for those chilly nights! This blend captures the magic of the Autumn Equinox.

(Red roobios tea, ceylon cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cocoa nibs)

~Moonlit Divination~

A crown chakra blend. This sweet, floral blend is great for opening your chrown chakra. Jasmine has long been used to help with meditation and divination. Pop a few jasmine pearls into your cup and this blend is perfect for tea readings!

***Does contain caffiene***

(Jasmine green tea, jasmine pearls, jasmine flowers, yarrow, vanilla bean)

~Peppermint Mocha Dreams~

Need I say more? A classic flavor with pure, healthy ingredients.

(Red roobios tea, Peppermint, cocoa nibs, cocoa shell, cocoa powder, carob, vanilla bean)

~Winter Solstice~

A seasonal blend honoring the Winter Solstice. A nice warming blend with a hint of sweetness. This blend also contains herbs great for fighting off those winter colds.

(Yerba mate, moringa, ceylon cinnamon, vanilla bean)


I use only organic high quality herbs, some of which are grown right in my garden at home.

» Organic herbal loose leaf tea.

» No GMOs, gluten, or added sugar.

» Caffeine free.

» No artificial ingredients or flavoring.

» Handcrafted in small batches.

Each sample comes in a 4 inch glass test tube. It makes approximately 2-3 cups of tea depending on how strong you like it.

Brewing instructions~
Steep 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea in 6 ounces of boiling water. Allow tea to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you enjoy your tea.




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    Sample Bundles of Tea

    Posted by Carrie on Jul 31st 2021

    Okay, I got Monica's Migraine, Aphrodite, and Blossoming Tranquility. I have officially tried all three, and LOVE THEM. I will be back to order the full bundles of these. These were my very first loose teas, and I am so glad they were!

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