The Rune Subscription Box

Join our Rune Subscription box to journey deep through the Runes and Norse culture! Are you looking to expand your knowledge of the Elder Futhark and be able to confidentley read the Runes? By the end of this one year subscription you will have an entire set of runes, rune flash cards, and all the tools you will need for your practice! We will be focusing on two runes, delivered to your door, every month. Giving you time to fully understand each rune. You will also learn a lot of Norse history and mythology behind the correspondence of each Rune. Giving you the full picture of your practice. Each box will contain 2 wood burned birch runes, 2 rune wood burned Palo Santo sticks, 2 tumbles, 2 rune flash cards, 1 special item for your practice, and an information sheet. Each box includes free shipping!


Each box will be shipped on the first of the month. Each Rune Subscription box is $29.

 Subscription boxes are only available for purchase in the Untied States.




We do accept custom orders. If you have any requests, questions, or concerns you can reach us at