Our Story

Dreamer Apothecary is a mother and daughter owned small business. We turned our passion for herbalism, nature, spirituality and crystals into something we could share with the rest of the world. Dreamer Apothecary was originally created by Stephanie in 2016. It started as a creative outlet for me to create dream catchers, candles, beauty products and more. Earlier on, around 2014, I had decided I wanted to live a cleaner, healthier life style. First, of course, was the most obvious toxin- overly processed foods and pesticides. The organic diet over haul had begun. As I scrutinized the ingredients of my cleaning supplies and body products, I found none of them were natural or healthy. It seemed the more research I did, the more toxins I found. My beloved candles were toxic with lead found in the cotton wicks and paraffin wax known to emit highly toxic carcinogens when burned.  Benzene and toluene, emitted from paraffin wax, are the same chemicals found in diesel fuel. Artificial fragrances also contain phthalates that can interfere with your hormone system. In the beginning, it was overwhelming thinking that everything we ate, put on our bodies, cleaned our home with, even the air we inhaled was full of harmful toxins. I had realized I couldn't trust large corporations that mass produced products. The answer was clear, to make my own cleaners, beauty products, candles, and incense. I discovered I absolutely loved creating all of these things. 

Fast forward back to 2016, I had begun offering the products I had been making for myself and my family to my local community at a farmers market.  Quickly, this small endeavor began to evolve and grow. In September 2018 our Etsy shop was born. In June 2019, my mother, Nicole, came on board. With her she brought a wealth of knowledge and her own creative twist! We expanded together with the incredible opportunity to offer crystals as well. 

Spirituality and crystal healing has been an important aspect of my life for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to have Nicole working with crystals since I was a small child. Though out my teenage years I devoured books about crystal healing and spirituality. Norse tradition pulled me in and I studied anything I could find about the Norse culture.  Most of my time not reading, was spent in the woods with my most faithful canine companion, Thor. We soaked up all the natural world had to offer. During that time, I established a deep connection to Mother Earth. Gardening became one of my most favorite hobbies by my early 20's. Then came the books about herbalism. Again, I studied tirelessly. I needed to know about every plant and herb. What was its unique signature? What were its healing abilities and metaphysical qualities? Reading wasn't enough. I needed to hold them, smell them, taste them, completely immerse myself in each and every plant. So I did, deepening my ever growing connection to nature. Through out my journey, I have delved down many rabbit holes. From astrology and human design to ancient cultures and all things metaphysical.

Nicole's spiritual journey began in her early 20's, over three decades ago. She was raised catholic and attended a catholic school. While she loved stories about Jesus and felt a strong connection to Mother Mary, something just never felt fulfilled. She had questions unanswered and a strong feeling that there was something more. She studied and practiced almost every religion and found every one  to have truths. Yet, nothing truly resonated or seemed to have the entire truth. She found her strongest connection to pagan traditions and working with the rhythms of nature. Today, she is eclectic in her practice, drawn to Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, Norse, and Hindu traditions and deities. She has been working with and studying crystals for over 20 years. She has completed numerous courses in crystal healing, astrology, and metaphysical studies. She is currently working on a mentorship in mediumship to hone in her psychic abilities. 

Since the beginning my mother and I had worked together. Nicole had worked in the animal industry since I was born in 1987. She has always been involved in animal rescue and fostering. She worked on a dairy farm, as a Veterinary Technician, and a groomer. When I was 17 she had been working as a Veterinary Technician at an animal hospital located across the street from my high school. She helped me attain a job as a kennel attendant working after school and our journey of working together had begun. I stayed in the Veterinary field as a technician for over 12 years. Nicole moved on to grooming and we slowly drifted in slightly different directions. What a beautiful opportunity it has been to come back together and share this entrepreneurial journey together!

Dreamer Apothecary Inc is now your one stop shop for all your metaphysical needs. We offer a full range of apothecary items, all handmade in small batches. We also have a large collection of hand picked, high quality crystals. We have a deep love of nature and all of our products are sustainably sourced. Most of our products are also locally sourced. We are very mindful of keeping our bodies healthy. That is why you’ll never find harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances in any of our products!



We do accept custom orders. If you have any requests, questions, or concerns you can reach us at