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My weight loss set is a pouch with 4 crystals- raw blue apatite, tumbled carnelian, raw selenite, and raw amethyst. You will also receive a card with the stone meanings. Organza bag colors will vary with each order.
Blue apatite is a motivational stone. It has an uplifting energy, encouraging a positive outlook. It is a associated withe healthy eating and has been known to suppress hunger and increase the metabolism.
Carnelian is a stone of motivation, endurance and courage. It is the caffeine of gemstones, helping to boost energy levels. It helps with breaking bad habits and detoxifying.
Selenite helps clear your energy field and draw in divine light. It dispels negativity which is helpful if your feeling discouraged or upset. Selenite instills a deep sense of peace and promotes healing.
Amethyst is great for breaking bad habits. It is the sobriety stone, making it ideal for breaking any kind of addiction or negative repetitive behavior. It's also extremely calming and comforting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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