Völva Beeswax Wood Wick Candle- Seiðr- Norse Shaman- Magic, Divination, and Prophecy

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A Völva is a female Shaman in Old Norse culture. They practiced magic, divination, and prophecy. The art of magic and divination is called seiðr, a magic forbidden to men. Seiðr is said to be brought and taught by Freya. This candle helps to activate the third eye and crown chakras. The blend helps to inhale intuition, psychic abilities, and shamanic journeying.

The essential oils in this blend are oak moss, vetiver, mugwort and lavender. It is topped with mugwort and peitersite chips.

These are all natural candles. Hand poured from pure local beeswax and finished with wood wicks. I scent my candles with essential oils and I top them with corresponding herbs, gemstone chips, and glitter for a touch of color. You'll also find a little charm attached! Charms vary.

There are NO paraffins, NO synthetic
fragrance, and NO harmful chemicals!

Burning beeswax candles releases negative ions into the air, acting as an air purifier! While they cleanse your air, listen to the gentle crackling of the wood wick.
My candles burn evenly- absolutely no funneling! 4 oz candle burn time is approximately 20 hours. 8 oz candle burn time is approximately 40 hours.

These candles are handmade in small batches so slight variances may occur.
*Please use candles responsibly. Keep away from children and pets. Never leave lit candles unattended. Always burn on a flat fireproof surface.*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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