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Pick your own herbs! Choose three of the following herbs to create your own custom herb set. Each glass jar is approximately 2.5" tall.

Lavender represents peace, calmness, and serenity. It helps to purify your space and assists in healing.

Chamomile helps calm nerves and induce sleep. It is also associated with the sun and prosperity. Chamomile is also extremely protective and is used to break curses. 

St. John's Wort is a natural remedy for depression and anxiety. It is extremely calming and balancing. It is also very protective and believed to ward off ghosts and negative energy. 

Rose Petals invite love, romance, and passion. They symbolize balance, strength, and new beginnings.

Damiana has strong aphrodesiac properties. This love herb is best for lovers looking to icrease libido. It also assists in partners overcoming difficulties within their relationship.

Hibiscus represents success in love. It also helps women to reclaim their sexual power. It attracts love, lust, passion, and prophetic dreams.

Mugwort is well known for inducing lucid dreams. It is a protective, healing herb that helps heal while dreaming. It's also thought to aid astral travel. This herb is in the Artemisia family. It is used for spiritual cleansing, protection, healing, and consecration.

Wormwood is also in the Artemisia family. It is traditionally used as an ingredient in absinthe. It is known to induce visions, aid in astral projection, and divination. This herb is also extremely protective and can be used to banish unwanted spirits. However, it can also be used to summon spirits, especially in combination with mugwort and sandalwood.

Jasmine represents purity, simplicity, modesty and strength. It is the perfect tool to use in rituals involving prophecy and predictions. Spiritual workers and root doctors rely on the scent to enhance their relaxation and improve the clarity of their visions. Jasmine by your pillow helps with inducing prophetic dreams. It helps open the crown chakra for meditation and divination.It is also used for love, friendship, lunar magic, and divination. Jasmine’s heady fragrance evokes feelings of passion. 

Cedar is used for healing, purification and for spiritual protection. Traditionally churches and places of worship were built from cedar wood to protect the sanctity of the space. 

Uva Ursi represents bear medicine to Native Americans. It is an herb of protection and strength. It also helps to increase psychic abilities. 

Butcher's Broom was traditionally used to create brooms for butchers to clean their blocks. They believed the herb helped to remove any negative energy associated with their days work. This protective herb is also good for enhancing intuition and divination. 

Basil corresponds with prosperity, love, and devotion. It is also used for protection, divination, and good luck.

Yarrow is known as the witches herb. It is known for its protective and healing abilities. It helps to develop psychic powers and instill courage.

Rosemary helps to cleanse, clear and protect. It is the herb of remeberance. Not only does in enhance memory but it is associated with remberance of past loved ones and ancestors. 

Thyme is a feminine herb for courage, protection, health, love and purification. It is commonly used in health rituals. 

Cinquefoil is also known as five finger grass. The 5 leaves represent love, money, health, power and wisdom.. It is a powerful herb for manifesting prosoperity.

Vervain is known as the Enchanter’s herb. It is extremely protective and healing. It helps to open psychic channels. It protects the practitioner against evil forces and manipulative entities.

Lemongrass is purifying and uplifting. It helps to clear negative energy and provide protection. 

Juniper berries have traditionally been used to attract good people and friends. It is extremely protective and clearing. It is hung during the winter solstice to invite blessings into the home. 

Calendula is an herb of the sun. It brings warmth, healing, positivity, and creativity. 

Frankincense is for purity of mind, body, and spirit. It is extremely protective and healing. It represents rightiousness, sacrifice, spiritual insight, and ceremony.

Myrrh is for healing and spiritual cleansing. It reduces stress and invigorates the spirit.

Benzoin is great for manifesting and opening the heart chakra. It provides purification, blessings, prosperity.

Copal is purifying and uplifting. It is often used to create sacred space. It helps to raise the vibration and offer protection.



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