Kiwi Jasper Tower

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Kiwi Jasper Towers

Towers are great for generationg energy. That is why they are sometimes referred to as generators. Energy comes up through the base and out of the point. They are great at the center of a crystal grid for generating the energy to activate each crystal in the grid.

Kiwi Jasper is a unique combination of Amazonite, Tourmaline and Quartz. It's sometimes called Poppy Jasper or Sesame Jasper. It is a stone of friendship and happiness. It is a very nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress. It helps to elevate our mood and lift our spirits. Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our aura and can also absorb negative energies.

Each tower is approximately 3.5" tall


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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