Chevron Amethyst heart shaped bowl

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This chevron amethsyt heart bowl is perfect for placing your tumbles or jewlery in! It is approximately 3 inches by 4 inches and 1.5 inches in width and weighs 1 pound and 3 ounces. 

Chevron Amethyst is also known as Dream Amethyst. It is amethyst with quartz banding and usually has hematite inclusions as well. The name Amethsyt comes from the Greek ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated". It is the best crystal for helping to over come addiction of any kind. This third eye stone helps expand the higher mind, creativity, and spirituality. It is a perfect choice for enhancing meditation with it's calming and soothing vibration. It also helps protect against nightmares and promote restful sleep. Amethsyt is extremely protective and is also known as the Travelers Stone. It protects travelers from treachery, surprise attacks, disease, and psychic attack. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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