Hand rolled Beeswax Chime Candles

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I love to keep everything as natural as possible, even my altar/ ritual tools, so I created these cute little chime candles! They are made from 100 % pure beeswax and have an organic hemp wick. I rolled them in glitter and rolled a corresponding chip stone inside for a boost of intention.
Now you can purify your air and burn a chime candle for whatever intention you desire!

They are approximately 4.5" - 5" tall.

Color options~

Indigo (New Moon)- Labradorite chip
New intentions, new beginnings, deep meditation, profound insight, prophetic dreams, protection

Silver- Rutilated Quartz chip
Moon, feminine, enhance patience, psychic energy, meditation, wisdom, mystic visions, crown chakra

Gold- Sunstone chip
Sun, masculine, increase personal power, success, prosperity, health, wealth, solar plexus chakra

Black- Black Tourmaline chip
Protection, ban negative energy, shadow work, opens the door to mystery, root chakra

White- Quartz chip
Purity, new beginnings, mental clarity, good fortune, crown chakra

Purple- Amethyst
Psychic development, spirituality, calming, meditation, dreams, third eye chakra

Red- Red Jasper chip
Love, passion, courage, strength, root chakra

Pink- Rose Quartz chip
Romantic love, friendships, hope, relief from stress, heart chakra

Green- Green Aventurine chip
Growth, fertility, prosperity, success, healing, heart chakra

Blue- Sodalite chip
Spirituality, peace, wisdom, truth, harmony, throat chakra

Orange- Carnelian chip
Energy, vitality, endurance, creativity, sacral chakra

Yellow- Yellow Jasper chip
Sharpen memory, intellectual energy, wisdom, joy, happiness, solar plexus chakra

Brown- Tiger's Eye chip
Earth energy, grounding, family, stability, protection


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Handrolled beeswax chime candles

    Posted by Gina on Mar 7th 2024

    I just love ordering from this particular owner!! She's crafty and loves her apothecary! She has a lot of different items to choose from AND she always takes great care of her customers and it shows!!

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa on Feb 1st 2023

    I Love my candles

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