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Our intention mug sets come with everything you need to set your intention! Each set contains a tea strainer, an organic tea sample, a bath bag, an incense sample, a perfume sample, hand rolled chime candle, and 3 crystals. You also have the choice of our white Dreamer Apothecary mug, grey and teal Dreamer Apothecary mug, or just the set without a mug. So choose what your heart desires, take a nice ritual bath, annoint yourself with some perfume, enjoy a warm cup of tea, light your incense, burn your chime candle, and meditate with your crystals!

Our tea blends are hand crafted in small batches with organic herbs.

Our perfume blends are hand crafted in small batches using a jojoba oil base and pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Our incense blends are hand crafted in small batches with organic herbs and resins.

Our intention bath bags are made with the highest quality, organic ingredients. We start with our salt mixture, which is not only spiritually cleansing but also amazing for your skin. We use unprossesed dead sea salt, mediterranian sea salt, pink himalayan sea salt, and epsom salt. Each bag is mixed with organic herbs and a tumbled crystal that correspond to its intention.

Our chime candles are hand rolled with pure beeswax, an organic hemp wick, and rolled in glitter. Each one contains a corresponding chip stone and pure essential oil.

Each tea strainer is hand made with a tumbled crystal and charm.

Tranquility- Angel aura quartz tea strainer, Blossoming Tranquility tea, Relax bath bag, Willow incense, Willow perfume, purple chime candle, amethyst heart, elestial amethyst, and lepidolite tumble.

Love- Mangano calcite tea strainer, Aphrodite tea, Love bath bag, Venus incense, Healed Heart perfume, red chime candle, rose quartz heart, unakite jasper tumble, and a quartz point.

Protection- Smoky quartz tea strainer, Deep Forest Healing tea, Protect and Ground bath bag, Banish incense, Bast perfume, black chime candle, raw black tourmaline, a mini smoky quartz sphere, and a smoky quartz point. 

Healing- Bloodstone tea strainer, Ancient Remedy tea, Heal bath bag, Heal incense, Heal perfume, green chime candle, moss agate worry stone, bloodstone tumble, and a quartz point.

Lucid Dreaming- Lapis lazuli tea strainer, Lucid Dreamer tea, Astral bath bag, Dream Magic incense, Witch perfume, indigo chime candle, raw iolite, labradorite tumble, and an elestial amethyst. 

Purification, Quartz tea strainer, Moonlit Divination tea, Purify bath bag, Purification incense, Sacred Space perfume, white chime candle, selenite stick, raw shungite, and a smoky quartz point. 

Lunar- Moonstone tea strainer, Lunar Blend tea, Lunar bath bag, New Moon incense, Full Moon perfume, Silver chime candle, selenite stick, moonstone worry stone, and a quartz point.




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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